Ray W. Clarke, LTD - Residential & Executive Interior Design

Carolyn C. Climaco
Honorary (on Sabbatical)

Carolyn Climaco walked into my life in 1982 as a client and quickly became one of my best and dearest friends. Our lives were inevitably entwined throughout my career in which I designed four residences for her and husband John, of which three were built. It would be a fortuitous exchange and lead to a major undertaking in building the law firm of Climaco, Lefkowitz, Peca, Wilcox, and Garofoli during its major growth period as one of the most important law firms in the country. The offices are pictured on this site and represent a style reflective of classic Roman architecture. Her husband, John R. Climaco Esq., was responsible for my success in establishing a new firm which has invigorated my mature years. Carolyn, in a supportive role as advocate for my design career in a period generally reserved for retirement, provided me with guiding confidence through the difficulties of an emerging new firm. As my project director for several years, her assistance and keen eye, trained to heights during her education achieving her own interiors was invaluable in my success. Her friendship is a highlight of my life well-lived and continues to be a wonder each day.